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The Ship: Wheelworld, a massive torus-shaped habitat attached to an interstellar drive on a journey to the stars.

The Problem: The journey has lasted centuries, and those who rule Wheelworld no longer want to colonize a new planet.

The Boy: Nearly deaf and on the autistic spectrum, Gavin dwells in the overcrowded slums of Wheelworld's outer layer.  His penchant for unravelling impossible knots is about to lead him on an unexpected journey through Wheelworld's seven layers, ultimately determining the fate of everyone aboard.


Coming 2018


What is a Stanford Torus?

A torus-shaped (wheel-like) space habitat proposed at Stanford University in 1975. Earlier ring-shaped stations/habitats were speculated about by Wernher von Braun and others.  Wheelworld is basically a modified Stanford Torus, somewhat larger, attached to an interstellar drive for colonization purposes.