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Love, Death, Robots, and Zombies takes three sci-fi cliches (robots, zombies, and the apocalypse), mashes them together, embraces them, and ends up more entertaining than it has any right to be.

A century after the apocalypse, three factions vie for the scraps of a blighted worlda race of sentient machines, a mindless horde of undead, and the faltering remnants of humanity.


Believing everyone in his village died when it burned three years ago, fifteen-year-old Tristan lives alone in the crumbling library of a long-dead city … until Echo, a childhood friend, appears among four scouts from the city-state of Foundry.  Foundry is on the warpath, and the scouts are “recruiting” at gunpoint.  After a disastrous run-in, Tristan and Echo are forced to flee into the wasteland with a roving army on their heels.


Their goal: a distant utopian enclave.  Their route: a hazardous path through the zombified ruins of once-great cities, deep into territory held by sentient robots.  Along the way, Tristan’s feelings for Echo grow—but does she genuinely reciprocate, or is she only doing what’s necessary to survive?  Can they find a measure of peace together in the hostile ruins of a dead civilization, or is even the enclave just another lie?


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Did you say free?

 Yes, I'm offering a novel completely free.


Does that mean it's not worth reading?

No, it's well-crafted, well-revised, and nowhere near a first effort.  It was my 9th or 10th book-length work, in fact, but you won't see anything that came before it.  Why?  Because crafting great fiction requires a lot of practice, even free books are an investment of time, and I intend to release only high-quality books that readers will enjoy.


Then why is it free?

It's free because indie authors face a steep uphill battle to being noticed, regardless of a book's quality.  By offering an entertaining novel for free, I hope to draw readers in for future novels.


When was this book released?

You might notice the Amazon release date is in November 2014.  Although technically accurate, it's nevertheless wrong.  I set up the page at that time but only kept up the book up a few days.  I wasn't sure on the path I wanted to take with it, and I was busy writing another book.  A year later, I decided to go the full-on indie author route.  So the official release date is November 2015, but that won't be reflected on the Amazon/Smashwords/BN pages.


How can I support you?

Well, that's easy.  Two ways.  (1) sign up for my newsletter and check back for new releases.  Not only will I announce things first in the newsletter, but I'll be giving away prizes now and then to random subscribers.  Or (2) if you're value-conscious and want to pay for the book, donate some small amount to me through PayPal by clicking the button below: